Sweeping/Broom Heads – UPDATE 23/4/18

From the OPCA President;

This will be effective starting the 2019 OPCA Championships.

Players may only use one brush for sweeping and may not change brush pads during a game. 
Brush fabric must have a woven appearance (i.e. not textured/embossed/hair). Hair brushes are forbidden from use while sweeping, however may be used by the player delivering the stone. 
Brush heads must not have a “stiffening” insert. 
Brushes allowable include WCF approved pads, Asham TX, Balance Plus EQ/older models, Goldline Norway, Hardline IcePad (fabric inverted, no insert), Performance older models, etc.  
Please speak to a member of the Executive or Event Chair, if you have questions.

Sweeping Moratorium Statement