Competition Eligibility/Rule Updates

Article 4 – Eligibilty of the OPCA (Ontario Police Curling Association) Constitution** Added at the 2015 Cornwall AGM.

Item 5. On any team that participates in the Association playoffs, at least two members must reside or be employed within the zone they represent. A maximum of two members, per team, are allowed to reside or be employed in another zone; however, he/she must declare their intentions and curl in one zone only.

Most Recent update to the CPCA (Canadian Police Curling Association) Constitution.  Last update April 2012

The C.P.C.A. announced that they have expanded the Association to include all “Peace Officers” to join their curling fraternity.

A motion was passed in April 2012, at the National Annual General Meeting, that opens the competitive side to all “Peace Officers”. The criteria for eligibility under the “Peace Officer” designation is as follows:

  • “That any full time Peace Officer be permitted to participate in any C.P.C.A. sanctioned event, specifically Provincial and Canadian curling championships and be allowed to enter and compete using a team consisting solely of full time Peace Officers. This may include but is not restricted to full time Canadian Border Services, Customs Officers, Correctional Officers, Conservation Officers and Fisheries Officers on a two year trial basis.”
  • They are members in good standing within the Provincial or Territorial Association in which they reside.
  • This includes Retired Peace Officers with a minimum of 15 years service in the employ of their agency.